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Available for Face to Face and Online Appointments

We believe in helping people to rapidly make the foundational changes they are
ready to see and feel in themselves

Covid-safe face to face appointments are available in our Sydney CBD office or book an online appointment from anywhere. None of our services involve any physical contact

What we can help with

If you are ready to make the change, we can help you to achieve it.

A powerful combination of strategic therapy and clinical hypnosis delivers reliable results across many areas.


If you do not see your area of concern below, feel free to call for an obligation-free chat.

First select whether you would like the session to be Face to Face or Online

Then select the service you would like to know more about or book

  • Bring calm confidence into your life. Initial session, in our office.

  • Feeling good physically and mentally. Initial session, in our office.

  • Reclaim your quality of life. Initial session, in our office.

  • Find and restore your inner strength. Initial session, in our office.

  • Clear away the mental clutter. Initial session, in our office.

  • Sail more easily through the day. Initial session, in our office.

  • Experience deep and lasting relaxation. Initial session, in our office

  • Take back control of your life. Initial session, in our office.

what to expect

We practice cutting edge neo-Ericksonian strategic hypnotherapy that has been clinically proven to be highly effective for a wide range of issues. The experience will be something like this:

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Interview & Treatment Plan

We will go through an interview process and use that information to produce a treatment plan that you are comfortable with.

A major benefit of this type of therapy is that we focus on the issues in the present, not the past. So you don't need to detail your life story or re-tell painful memories.


Clinical hypnosis session

You will be verbally guided to a state of trance  where you are in complete control. There will be guided suggestions and imagery, but you will be in charge of the outcomes and you may be pleasantly surprised at the resources you have within yourself.


Follow up

There will be activities that you will need to complete between sessions to reinforce the process and get the best results.


Jessica power

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Corporate Coach

You have my commitment to understand your particular situation and tailor a service that is just what you need.

After a long corporate career working at a senior level in local and global companies of all sizes, it was time to bring that experience to the practice of clinical hypnotherapy.

This was followed by study under the widely respected Gordon Young and the achievement of a diploma of clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy from the Institute of Applied Psychology. Backed up with professional membership of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and founding membership of the International Strategic Psychotherapists Association.

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what people say

"Jessica’s optimism and positivity shine through in her approach to counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Jess offers a supportive, strength-based and life affirming space to explore issues. I leave sessions with renewed optimism and see problems as an opportunity for personal growth and evolution"

"In our Zoom sessions I experience relaxation and reassurance. Feeling safe and supported. Jess has a lovely nurturing tone of voice and I look forward to my hypnotherapy sessions."