about us

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We believe in helping people to rapidly make the foundational changes they are ready to see and feel in themselves.


You have my commitment to understand your particular situation and tailor a service that is just what you need.

After a long corporate career working at a senior level in local and global companies of all sizes, it was time to bring that experience to the practice of clinical hypnotherapy.

This was followed by study under the widely respected Gordon Young and the achievement of a diploma of clinical hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy from the Institute of Applied Psychology. Backed up with professional membership of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association and founding membership of the International Strategic Psychotherapists Association.

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our Story

We are here to provide a professional and personalised clinical hypnotherapy service that is suited to the general population and professionals in particular. Delivering only modern treatments that are supported by clinical evidence and taking a logical science-based approach to the resolution of issues.

After working in corporate for a long time, I noticed an annoying tendency. People want to change for the better, but we just can't seem to do what it is we know we need to do. Only rarely are people able to make this kind of change.

Those behaviours and instinctive reactions that are not helpful, that hold us back from being our best. Logical reasoning makes no difference, neither does dire consequences - in fact it sometimes seems to make it worse.


There has to be a better way than beating your head against a brick wall.

Then I discovered clinical hypnotherapy and was amazed by the quality and speed of results that are achieved very reliably - in the treatment of pain as well as changing our ways of operating.

Now it's my mission to bring clinical hypnotherapy into mainstream practice because it is too good to keep secret. I wish I knew about it years ago.