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Fit, Strong & Healthy - Online

Feeling good physically and mentally. Initial online video session.

Service Description

I was puffing after going up a short flight of stairs and diabetes was on the cards - how did it get to this?? This isn't me! When we are eating healthily and getting the right exercise, healthy weight will follow, whatever that may be. It's an amazing feeling when you have the energy that comes from doing enjoyable regular exercise and powering your body with quality food in the right amount. It's like running your car on premium high octane fuel and keeping it regularly maintained. Imagine having no hesitation when someone suggests climbing a big hill, or asks for your help moving a sofa, or kids wanting you to go on the trampoline, or take a trip to the beach. So why isn't doing it as easy as knowing it? Well that's complicated. Eating is an incredibly emotive subject, we each have our different emotional responses that come from different experiences, beliefs and situations. Exercise has similar entanglements with belief, some people even see it as a form of atonement or something that 'a person like me' doesn't do. The process we take is to first of all unpick what drives you and your thoughts about exercise and eating. Then we will help you to utilise hypnotherapy to address those areas and also engage some other techniques to reshape your thinking into more healthy patterns that you feel good about. This is a highly personalised service that will take a different number of sessions depending on the individual situation. We recommend having 3-4 weekly sessions to start with and then adding more sessions over the following months as required to reinforce and deeply embed the new ways of operating. This is an Online Session that we will conduct by video link. In this session, we will go through a thorough discussion about what is going on for you to identify the areas to be worked on. We will then go through a professional clinical hypnosis session to put the theory into action. Please ensure you have a quiet area, free from distractions, with a comfortable chair that you can lean back into and provides support for your head. Initial 90-minute session: $245 Subsequent 60-minute sessions: $195

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment. If less than 24 hours notice is provided, we may charge in full.